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School Uniform


Having a uniform looks smart and helps to feel part of our school community by creating a sense of team spirit.  Our uniform (as requested by parents) is:


  • Navy blue cardigan/sweatshirt/fleece/jumper (required)
  • Light blue polo shirt/shirt/t-shirt/blouse (required)
  • Navy blue, grey or black skirt, pinafore dress, trousers/shorts (required)
  • Blue gingham summer dress (summer only, optional)
  • Dark coloured, sensible footwear (required)
  • Please ensure all clothing is named! 

 Clothing embroidered with the school logo is optional.  Generic clothing is perfectly acceptable and can be purchased from most supermarkets.

Tops embroidered with the school logo are available to order From Sprint Sport & Leisure in Bolsover click here at reasonable prices.

PE kit (required)

All children are required to change for P.E lessons and kit should consist of a t-shirt, preferably white, shorts and plimsolls or pumps.  Whenever possible children will have a weekly outdoor games lesson and may, at certain times of the year, need additional items such as a hat and sun protection in the summer or sweatshirt and tracksuit bottoms in the winter. Pupils must remove earrings in advance of PE lessons.

Hoodies, logos, designer wear do not help reinforce discipline and it is notable that behaviour can deteriorate when children are out of uniform or are visibly seen not to fit in. Your support in this regard is really helpful. Thank you.

PE Kit is available to order From Sprint Sport & Leisure in Bolsover click here