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Reading at NBP

We want everyone to grow up loving reading and enjoying it.  We expect everyone to practise reading at least 3 times each week at home.  Teachers have incentives and treats for pupils who read a lot or improve their reading rapidly.

We build in lots of opportunities to read during the school day, including:

  • Guided Reading lessons
  • Reading in English lessons
  • Reading in Maths lessons
  • Reading in Science, Art, History, Geography, Music, RE, PSHE, Computing, PE...
  • Outdoor reading at break and lunchtime
  • Reading in the library

Teaching phonics, spelling and developing vocabulary are also threaded through the curriculum, which support reading and writing.

Collins Big Cat Reading Scheme

Click here to access the reading scheme digitally.  Use your username and password to log in.  If you can't remember it, please contact school.

Click here to access the Parent guide.

First News is a newspaper designed for young people.  As a school we subscribe to it and receive copies and resources each week.  This section has tips for parents.

Top Ten Reads

We encourage you to read these books together as a family during the year.

All titles can be borrowed from the Library, free of charge.  Click here to find out how to join.


Nursery Reception Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Year 4 Year 4/5 Year 5 Year 6

Weekly reading sessions in school with parents and pupils in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.  Please speak to your child's teacher to find out when the session is.