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PSHE runs as a theme through all our lessons and Assemblies.  We are supporting pupils to develop independence, resilience, team work and emotions.  These elements are linked to our reward system in school.  We are an Attachment Aware School and do a lot of work around inclusion and self-regulation.


Key Stage 1 Dentist Visit, October 2022

PSHE in Early Years

The curriculum overview for EYFS is;

Self regulation: My feelings

Building relationships: Special relationships

Managing self: Taking on challenges

Self regulation: Listening and following instructions

Building relationships: My family and friends

Managing self: Happy head, happy heart.



At New Bolsover Primary School, we believe that Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) and Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) are essential in giving pupils the knowledge and skills they require to become healthy, confident, responsible and independent members of our society. We provide our pupils with opportunities to develop the skills needed to form and maintain fulfilling relationships, to understand what it means to be part of a diverse society and to understand their rights and responsibilities as British citizens. We aim to enable children to recognise their own potential and strive to ensure that children can reflect on their own experiences in order to understand how they are developing personally and socially. We value PSHE as a way to ensure that our pupils are able to make informed decisions in real life situations, are able to demonstrate respect for themselves and others and to ensure that children have high aspirations as they move towards adulthood.



PSHE at New Bolsover Primary School is taught using a comprehensive PSHE scheme, written by Kapow Primary. This scheme organises the delivery of PSHE and RSE around 5 modules. These modules are:

  • Family and Relationships
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Safety and the Changing Body 
  • Citizenship
  • Economic Wellbeing
  • Identify (Year 6 only)

These modules are taught in a cyclical structure meaning that the children will revisit each module in greater depth every year which enables them to build on their previous knowledge.

PSHE is a fundamental part of our School Ethos and, as a result, PSHE runs through all that we do. Through the promotion of the school ethos and through the teaching of PSHE and RSE, we will:

  • Use assessment to inform our PSHE planning, alongside the Kapow PSHE and RSE scheme
  • Engage the children in weekly PSHE lessons with a focus on the development of key vocabulary
  • Deliver the teaching of PSHE in a ‘cyclical programme’ which introduces challenging learning matched to the maturity of our pupils
  • Take a positive approach to the teaching of PSHE which focuses on promoting skills and knowledge which will enable our pupils to live healthy, safe and happy lives
  • Ensure all lessons are adapted and inclusive to ensure that all children are given the opportunity to progress personally and socially
  • Ensure lessons are delivered in a way which ensures all are able to participate, think critically and to feel safe and supported
  • Provide opportunities for our pupils to reflect on their learning by encouraging them to set themselves personal goals
  • Engage all pupils in weekly assemblies which reinforce elements of the school ethos and PSHE curriculum
  • Embed PSHE within our behaviour policy
  • Provide an environment in which children feel safe and supported and able to confidently ask questions relating to PSHE based concepts


Pupils reach age related expectations in PSHE so that by the time they leave Primary School they will:

  • Be on their way to becoming respectful, responsible and confident members of society
  • Have developed a secure sense of self-esteem and have the confidence to value themselves as an individual
  • Have the knowledge and skills required to enable them to make informed decisions related to their physical health
  • Value diversity and celebrate differences
  • Be better equipped to look after their mental health and to manage their emotions
  • Demonstrate respect, tolerance and high expectations of behaviour around school, including at play times and lunch times
  • Have developed the skills and knowledge needed to succeed and keep themselves safe as they move towards adulthood
  • Have the knowledge and skills necessary to be adequately prepared for their transition to PSHE at Secondary School