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Our Sleep Survey

Reading First News got us talking about sleep, and lessons which might be introduced in schools.  We carried out our own survey and shared the results in Assembly.  See below for more information.

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Family Time

The Government have produced an Activity Passport to give families ideas of things they can do together, many of which are active and outside.

You can find it here, or see below for our own ideas.

We have been finding out what activities the children enjoy doing with their families.  Here are some of the ideas:

Playing rugby Board games night Family discussion

Playing musical instruments

Going on holiday Dancing Cycling Singing
Doing homework together Swimming Play dominoes Have a day trip to the seaside
Have a meal out Tell jokes Play outside together Role play, eg. schools
Go on adventures Camping Hiking or walking Doing crafts together

The documents below are the result of our pupil survey carried out in March 2019

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