New Bolsover Primary School

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Motivation Mountain
Each class has designed a Motivation Mountain to display in their classroom. At the start of the day, everyone
starts on green (ready to go). During the course of the day the children will attempt to scale the mountain by
moving up through the colour bands. If they reach the summit, they can then move onto the ‘bee’s knees’, which
are linked to our school motif and motto ‘be the best you can be’. If they can achieve this consistently, they will
receive a reward and we will let you know.
If pupils need support to get back on track, they will move to the blue sea if they are opting out and not joining in, or
the volcano if they are feeling cross. Once they have calmed, settled and are ready to continue learning, they will
return to green.
Keeping learning visible is a big part of our practice and routines at New Bolsover and the pupils have been really
enthusiastic with their involvement in this new system. Please get your child to tell you about it.

Pupils will move up with Motivation Mountain for reasons
 Being motivated, focused and engaged in their learning.
 Completing work to a high standard.
 Taking responsibility for their work and learning.
 Having a go and not giving up when learning is hard.
 Using what they already know to support new learning.
 Practising skills.
 Working independently.
 Solving problems.
 Following instructions.
 Working with others.
 Using ambitious vocabulary in conversations.
 Being able to reflect on and explain their learning.
 Choosing a way of working which they know works for them.
 Listening to feedback and improving their work.
 Completing work at home, eg. homework and reading 5 times each week.
 Managing their emotions and behaving responsibly.
 Being helpful and thoughtful.t...