We use the Class Dojo system in school as part of our behaviour management policy.  When Dojos are awarded, pupils log them on the computer system. Pupils are awarded Dojos in the following categories:

  • Being kind
  • Being helpful
  • Doing jobs
  • Managing emotions

Each category is linked to one of our learning heroes, which were chosen by the children.  They are:

  • Captain America (being kind)
  • Spiderman (being helpful)
  • Wonder Woman (doing jobs)
  • Iron Man (managing emotions)

Each week, the teachers use the information collected on Class Dojo to decide which pupil will be on the Truly Trusted Team during the following week.

The TTT is announced in Assembly on Monday.  Pupils who are on the TTT have access to extra special privileges such as:

  • Being able to play on any yard.
  • Going into lunch when they want.
  • Accessing activities in school.

They also get a certificate to take home and share with their family.