New Bolsover Primary School

New Bolsover Primary School

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Meet the Staff


Headteacher: Ms G Clubbs - DSL and LAC

Assistant Headteachers: Mrs L Holland & Mrs V Kerry


School Governors

Mrs K Lovegrove - Chair

Ms G Clubbs

Mrs L Holland

Mrs L Seaton

Miss N Buxton

Miss A Bociu

Mrs S Ward acting Clerk


Teaching Staff

Nursery - Miss H Wragg 

Reception - Miss S Wigmore

Year 1- Mr M Langbein & Ms P Manion

Year 1 - Mrs R Badhams

Year 2 - Mrs L Holland

Year 3 - Miss K Davey

Year 4 - Miss J Grafton

Year 5 - Mr R McDonnell

Year 6 -Mrs V Kerry

SENCO - Mr M Langbein

PPA - Mrs C Worth


Learning Support Teachers

Mrs J Baker

Mrs A Beal

Mrs T Evans

Mr N Fletcher

Mrs L Hazelwood

Mrs J Rodgers          

Mrs J Tinsley

Mrs M Gardner

Mrs J McElroy

Mrs M Williams

Miss A Oldfield

Mrs J Humphries

Miss A Wood

Mr M Pender (Paediatric First Aid Certificate)

Miss E Williams

Mrs H Stray

Mrs L Inman

Miss A Ward



Mrs S Ward - Business Officer

Mrs J Wright - School Administrator

Mrs T Kingman - Attendance Mentor



Learning Mentors

Mrs A Wood - Deputy DSL

Mrs G Ashley - Deputy DSL


Midday Supervisors

Mr N Fletcher

Mrs A Beal

Mrs M Gardner

Mrs H Stray

Mrs L Inman



Caretaker VERTAS 

 Mr A Hutchinson

Cleaners VERTAS

Mrs S Machin

Mr J Felix