In science we use a scheme called ‘Switched on Science’ which helps us to include role play, scientific vocabulary and various ways of using science in a cross-curricular way. Some of the topics that are included across the year groups are: animals including humans; living things and their habitats; electricity; forces and magnets; and seasonal changes.


In March this year we celebrated British Science week. The theme was ‘Exploration and Discovery’, encouraging young people to think about everyday discoveries and how they affect their lives by exploring science in the world all around us; from their home and schools, to their local area and wider environment. Each class did various experiments aimed at exploring and discovering such as: designing bug hotels; exploring poo from the past; and researching what food you need to be a polar explorer.

Many children also took part in the science challenge based on the same theme and recorded their findings in a variety of ways including pictures, photos and writing. You will find some of their discoveries on the class pages.

Action plan

This year we have introduced science talk for writing. This is where children have objects to discuss, perform experiments, draw text maps, practise re-telling the experiment and eventually turn it into a story, or other writing using both scientific and powerful vocabulary.