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At New Bolsover we like to make science as fun and hands on as possible- promoting challenge and curiosity. Children are encouraged to be inquisitive and to ask questions about the world around them. This starts right from nursery where children explore the setting and begin to wonder how and why. Throughout school, we have a big focus on reading and vocabulary so children are exposed to and expected to use the vocabulary they learn in their science lessons. Each class has a lab coat where we write our vocabulary for each lesson. Over the year, this will build up and become a resource that the children can refer to and use.

From KS1, we use a scheme called Switched on Science which helps us to plan engaging, vocabulary rich lessons that the children really enjoy. Teachers think carefully about the children and tailor lessons carefully to their needs and interests. We work on recording in a variety of ways and do a lot of collaborative learning to help share our knowledge. Some of the topics covered across school are: animals including humans, living things and their habitats, electricity, forces and magnets and seasonal changes. Where possible, science lessons are active and offer children chances to explore and discover through physical activities, while also encouraging deep and scientific thinking. Each class has a class book of science in which work is recorded through photographs and annotations that the children can refer back to. Some children also have the opportunity for their work to be chosen to feature in the book.


Each year, we celebrate British Science week. The theme varies each year and as a school we enjoy carrying out experiments and researching into the topics further. Next year (2022) the theme is ‘Growth’ and links multiple areas across science, technology, engineering and maths. This theme will give the children chance to think about not only how plants grow but also about how they grow themselves, both physically and mentally.


What the children at NBP think about science:

“We like investigating and experimenting because you get to find things out and that’s fun.”

“I like that you get to find out facts for yourself and do research.”

“Science links to real life…like electricity and diseases. It helps keep you safe.”

“Planning experiments is fun because you get to work together and find things out. I like to talk about science lessons at home with my dad because he likes science too.”

“We did a really cool experiment about the Mars. We used dust to create the surface of the planet and dropped things onto it…it was a lot of fun!”


What children at NBP think a scientist is:

Someone who discovers things

Someone who experiments and doesn’t stop looking

Someone who finds things out about things that interests them

Someone who find cures for things that make us ill

Someone who is resilient and patient- it probably won’t work first time!

Someone who helps the world get better