We follow the ‘White Rose’ scheme of work for maths and throughout our teaching we use ‘concrete, pictorial and abstract’ methods of learning.

Calculation Policy

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Concrete learning

This involves using different equipment to work out and show answers, represent ideas or problems or show patterns for calculations.

Pictorial learning

This involves drawing pictures to represent different numbers, calculations, operations and real life problems.

Abstract learning

This involves writing number sentences using the symbols for the different operations.

These types of learning are used throughout the school from nursery up to year 6 and children are encouraged to show their understanding using the different ways of learning to reinforce their own understanding and become more fluent in their work.

Children are taught arithmetic and then they are taught to apply their knowledge through problem solving and reasoning.


We use lots of websites to enhance our teaching and learning which include; (all children have their own personal log in from reception upwards and they can access this at home) – the children are able to compete against their peers and their own best times to individualised times tables – the children are taught through physical activities to reinforce their understanding and concepts. – this is a teaching tool for small groups or whole class teaching

Maths Chase- practising addition, subtraction, multiplication & division

Cross curricular activities

We try to include maths in all areas of learning to reinforce the children’s understanding and make it fun. This may be from timing different activities in P.E. to measuring distances on maps.

Cluster maths morning

All the schools in our local cluster get together and showcase a selection of children through fun activities. Children are able to share their favourite maths games and activities and they also take part in competitions between other schools and generally have a fun morning.