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Homework for everyone:


Everyone in school needs to practise their reading at home at least 5 times each week.  Reading material can include: school reading book, library book, book from home library, magazine/comic/newspaper.  Variety of authors, themes and types of books is really important to get a range and breadth in.

At school we keep a check on who is reading and how frequently.  Pupils who read more at home make better progress at school.


Children may bring words home to learn or practise.  Please support them to do so at home.


Each Monday a digital newsletter is sent out directly, and also available on the website.  Learning conversations identify something that the children will be learning at some point that week, enabling you to ask them and prompt them to talk about something specific.


Each year group may issue other pieces of homework during the week.  Some of this may be recorded in a homework book.  All homework is linked to the curriculum and allows pupils to further practise something they have been taught in school.  Please support them with this homework.

Thank you.