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 We follow the guidance from the National Curriculum for our topics in Geography and where ever possible try to get the children outdoors to experience the local area and to take part in practical investigations.


At New Bolsover we value our local area, and embrace the community which is at the heart of the school. We have recently taken part in the National Lottery Heritage Project which took place in New Bolsover (the model village) and we have been working on projects through this initiative. This has had many cross curricular links, including Geography, History, Science and English   We look forward to watching the model village grow and are excited to see how this develops over time so that in years to come we can look back at our own local area and see how is has changed over time.


During Geography our children are encouraged to use their geographical skills and knowledge to explore questions at the heart of our world. This could include things like:

  • Where would you choose to live and why? Why do we need to protect the Amazon rainforest? What natural features can be found in North/South America? (Year 5/6 –Comparing North & South America?)
  • What is the different between what you need to survive and what you want? What impact where people choose to settle? How do floods affect communities? What can we do to stop them? (Year 3/4 – Settlements & The Water cycle)
  • How many continents are there? Which is the coldest? Which is the largest? Which do we live in? ( Year 1/2 - Mapping Skills/Continents)
  • Why do penguins live near the water? What would you wear in the Antarctic? (EYFS – The Arctic/Antarctica)