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Art & Design

At New Bolsover, art is a subject that many children find exciting and engaging. The curriculum we offer is highly adapted to suit the children’s needs and interests and explores many different techniques and artists, giving children the chance to experiment and most importantly, have fun and be creative!

Art at New Bolsover starts right from nursery and progresses up through school, with new skills being taught and previously learned techniques being built upon to give children the confidence to apply them to their own work.

We are lucky enough to have access to lots of resources which are used in lessons. It is important to us that children access a variety of different resources as this allows them to make their own decisions about their art work. We also like to experiment with different techniques and finding different ways to apply materials to create different effects.

Areas for development 2019-20

Strengthen subject leadership so that it has demonstrable impact across school

  • Staff using subject specific vocabulary
  • Staff modelling techniques to the children to set high standards.
  • Encouraging children to be resilient and working on less pieces of work that are higher quality. Children returning to and improving work.
  • Children sharing thoughts and ideas about people’s work and using feedback to edit and improve.

Develop the wider community so that it promotes the development of language

  • Working with outside agencies such as Junction Arts, the Church and Woodhead to develop the curriculum and involve the local community.


Lantern Parade

Every year, we work with Junction Arts to create lanterns for the lantern parade in Bolsover. The children love making the lanterns and have a fantastic day being creative. We always look forward to seeing the newest design ideas and of course venturing out in the cold to take part in the parade!

Friendship Friday

As part of Friendship Friday, some children worked collaboratively to create a piece of art work to display in school. The children used different media and techniques to create elements of the finished product. Monty is currently located in the first aid room if you wanted to have a look at his rather magnificent mane!

Flower Festival

We are lucky enough to be invited to work with the Church on their annual Flower Festival. Each year there is a different theme that we base our work around. Although we try to make flowers, we also create pieces of art work and other things to display to show off the children’s talents.

Christmas card competition

For the past few years, Woodhead Construction has given us the task of designing a Christmas card. The children thought carefully about what they’d like on their card, and we decided to base our designs around the local area and its history. The winning designs are currently on the hoardings on the model village.

Amazon Project

Year 6 were involved in using different materials/media to build their own Amazon rainforests. The children used their growing understanding of North and South America to inform their choices and design.