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Sports Day


July 2019 was the last time we held Sports Day.  

Twelve teams represented twelve countries, with each team having pupils from Reception to Year 6.  Events included: skipping, sack race, egg & spoon relay, sprint relay, throwing, javelin, jumping, football relay, bean bag throw and obstacle.


Canada finished in third place, France in second, Italy in first place.  It was very close between several teams.  Mexico were identified as having the most encouraging adults watching!

Pupils said:

"It was nice to have traditional events like the egg and spoon race, and new events which added more variety."

"People tried hard, showed resilience and didn't give up."

"People were positive."

"I enjoyed working with all the different grown ups in school."

"We'd done some of the skills needed in PE which helped in the javelin."

Staff added:

"The Year 6 pupils were brilliant with the younger children.  They helped them to complete events and make sure everyone kept together."

Parents commented:

"It was lovely to see the confidence of the younger children develop as the event went on."

"The older children really helped."

"There was a calm atmosphere."

"Everyone was included."

Summer 2022

We will be holding Family Community Real PE sessions.  Parents and Carers will be invited to come and join their class for a Real PE session, celebrating achievement and progress whilst having FUN!