New Bolsover Primary School

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Every day is different in Assembly!  Our assemblies take place at 1pm, straight after lunch.

Monday is Attendance and Awards Assembly.  On other days we share our learning from all areas of the curriculum, share what we have done in our classrooms (and invite our family to watch), tell and take part in stories, enjoy singing and playing instruments.

Christmas Pantomime- Puss in Boots!

Sporting News

Many of our pupils are members of Sport groups outside school.  We enjoy hearing about their clubs, successes and demonstrations.  This has included:  Football teams, cricket clubs, cheerleading and swimming.

As the new year has begun, we have been thinking about what we are grateful for.  Here are some of the children's ideas:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Pets
  • Toys to play with
  • School and education- it's good to learn. 
  • Teachers- they help us
  • Playing with friends at break and lunchtime
  • Health & medicine
  • Food
  • A home to keep me dry, warm and safe
  • Having my own bedroom
  • A comfy bed
  • Clean water
  • Hard-working parents
  • Being able to celebrate important events
  • Holidays- so I can have a break from every-day life
  • Weather and seasons



Coming to school every day and on time is very important.  Our attendance target is 96%.  This means that over a school year you should not be off school for more than two weeks.

We work very hard with pupils and their families to encourage good attendance.  We share attendance news and celebrate good attendance in Assembly on Mondays.