The school dress code comprises:

Navy blue cardigan, sweatshirt, fleece or jumper.

Light blue shirt, t-shirt, polo shirt or blouse.

Navy blue or black skirt, pinafore dress, trousers or shorts.

Light blue checked dress in the summer.

Dark coloured sensible footwear.

Embroidered garments are available to order termly (an order form will be distributed by the school office).  A small stock is held by the school office.


All children are required to change for P.E lessons and kit should consist of a t-shirt, preferably white, shorts and plimsolls or pumps.  Whenever possible children will have a weekly outdoor games lesson and may, at certain times of the year, need additional items such as a hat and sun protection in the summer or sweatshirt and tracksuit bottoms in the winter.


Please ensure your child is dressed sensibly for the weather.