Mrs Mulcahey, Y3

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I am new to the class, but my classmates are helpful and friendly.  The thing I like most in school is Maths.  It is fun, entertaining and engages my brain.  Science is fun because we work in teams.  Written by Jacqueline.

In Science we have been learning about volcanoes and rocks.  We made a volcano and made it erupt! With rocks we had chalk, igneous rock and slate and put vinegar on them to see if they would react.  We also found out how hard they were.  We also looked at soil to see if soil from different places is different.

Written by Chief Scientist Lainie-Jaine

I love doing Music because we are learning to play the recorder.  I enjoy Maths because we learn different things.  I like English because we learn new stories, like Rainbow Bear.  I love doing PE because we do Gymnastics sometimes.  I really like Science because we have learnt about volcanoes and we are doing lots of new things.  By Caitlin

I like Year 3 because Science is cool!  We made volcanoes out of cups, vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and washing up liquid.  By Alex