In science we are learning about states of matter. The three states of matter are solid, liquid and gas. We have been looking at how the particles are arranged in each state and working in small groups to show the arrangements.

Fizzy pop experiment

We had to try and find out different uses of gases. We learned that some gasses (carbon dioxide) are used to make drinks fizzy. We had to find the fizziest drink by working out how much carbon dioxide was in each one. We weighed the drinks and then made them flat by stirring them with a fork. Then we weighed them again and worked out the difference. We found out that lemonade was the fizziest drink.

Chocolate experiment

We were looking at the different melting points of materials and we wanted to find out how quickly chocolate melts. We used 3 different trays of water-cold, warm and hot- and put the chocolate in a foil tray that we floated on the water. We used the stopwatch to record the time. We found out that the hot water melted it the quickest (which is what we predicted!). We then created a bar chart to show our results.

Ice-cream experiment

 Miss Grafton set us the challenge of making ice-cream. We watched a video and then started to make it. We had to get a big bag and fill it with ice and a lot of salt, a small bag and put some milkshake in it and then put the small bag in with the ice. We had to carefully roll the ice over the milkshake. We had a few explosions and some of us got very messy! Slowly, we noticed that it started to work and we all got to taste the ice-cream- it was delicious!

Balloons with Year 2

Year 4 and Year 2 got together to complete a challenge. We got given some equipment: a balloon, string, tape and a straw and we did a see, think, wonder based on what we could see. We then got given the instructions to complete the experiment. We had to thread the string through the straw and stretch the string from one side of the classroom to the other. We then had to fasten the blown up balloon to the straw and send it across the room. After that, we had to think of ideas for a story based on the experiment and create a text map.

Assembly Challenge