Indoor PE



In indoor PE, we have been listening to the music from the Varmints clip. Everyone created their own routine using: a balance on a patch and a point, three different ways of moving and a tuck, straddle or pike jump. Some people got to show their routine and we gave them feedback as a group. We have also been practising our balances on apparatus. When the music is stopped we had to balance on a patch or a point.


Outdoor PE

In outdoor PE we have been learning the skills to play netball. So far we have been looking at the different ways we can pass the ball and playing lots of games to help us practise. Next, we’re going to learn how to pivot and shoot.


Tag rugby

Some of the years 4s were picked to represent our school at the Tag Rugby Megafest and The Bolsover School. We had to complete different activities that taught us the different skills needed to play tag rugby. We had a really good morning and brought back lots of ideas to use in our PE lessons.