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Year 4 do brass every Friday afternoon. Some people play trombones but most people play trumpets. So far, we know these notes: C,G,F,E,B and D. We also have special names for the notes C, E B, G and D- C can’t see, E eats up the line, B has a bad hat and D is dangly D. We’re allowed to take our instruments home to practise and to help us we have been learning different songs. Some of these are: Boogaloo, bungalow, Doctor Knickerbocker and Super Duck. We all really enjoy brass and can’t wait to learn more!


In it to win it

Each week we all try and win the ‘In it to win it’ challenge. We have to follow the rules in our work all week so that we remain in it to win it! This half term, we’ve focussed on copying our date and learning objective correctly and using a ruler to underline. We follow DUMTUMS to help us remember- Date Underline Miss a line Title (learning objective) Underline Miss a line Start. Every Monday, we enter the names of the people still on the list into a name picker, and Miss Grafton spins a wheel to see who has won. The winner gets to pick a prize. We are going to decide what our next focus will be as a class, so we all know what to aim towards!


Reading raffle

In year 4 we have a reading raffle. Every morning we look in our reading diaries and we get a raffle ticket for each time we read at home. At the end of the week, Miss Grafton draws a raffle ticket out of the pot and we all sit nervously waiting to see who it belongs to. If you win, you get to choose a prize- we’ve had a lot of Easter eggs and red noses recently!



Everyone in school can earn dojos. We get dojos for four things: managing emotions (Iron Man), getting jobs done (Wonder Woman), being kind (Spiderman) and being helpful (Captain America). Every day, we look to see who has the most dojos and we have a daily dojo challenge, where we try and beat our dojo score from the day before. We can also get negative dojos- but we do our best to avoid these!